Results of the Dec 6 1st General Assembly of Partido Kalikasan – Metro Manila

Posted on January 5, 2009


Last December 6 2008 the First General Assembly of all Partido Kalikasan Metro Manila Airshed members. There were five (5) major decisions during this General Assembly.

These are:

  • Area Coverage of Partido Kalikasan-Metro Manila. Considering the current organizational capacity of the party, we cannot as of now pursue the bio-regional coverage of the party organizing for the entire Metro Manila airshed (which technically should cover NCR, Pampanga, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite and Laguna). In this regard, we decided that at least for 2008-2009, the Partido Kalikasan – Metro Manila will not cover the entire airshed but will only cover Metro Manila (all 16 cities and 1 town). In our next meeting, we will decide whether we will also cover the towns and cities in Rizal province as some of the current members are actually residents of Rizal.
  • Registration of the PK-Metro Manila as a Local (Regional) Political Party. While we support the effort of the Partido Kalikasan Institute (PKI) to facilitate the registration of one single national Partido Kalikasan in COMELEC covering all the current 14 local PK groups and other local PK groups that will be formed all over the country, the PK-Metro Manila will register itself by 2009 as a local (regional) party in COMELEC NCR. If and when the NATIONAL PARTIDO KALIKASAN will be formed, PK Metro Manila shall be part of this national party.
  • Priority Thrusts and Goal for the next 2 years. For 2009-2010, we have adopted the following priority thrusts: a) Building and registering the Partido Kalikasan – Metro Manila as a local (regional) political party b. Develop and adopt a clear PK-Metro Manila Party Orientation Paper (discussing our guiding principles and ideological basis), Party Internal Organizational Rules and Operating Guidelines and Party Regional Platform of Governance and on the basis of these facilitate participation of the Party in relevant public advocacies c. Develop the resource mobilization capacity of the party based on membership & supporters contribution and party-wide green enterprise ventures to make the party financially viable and self-sustaining d. Build a knowledge management and public information-sharing mechanism of the Party starting with a video and web-based system using blogs and online video documentations
  • These three (3) main thrusts shall push the party to realize its main goal in 2009-2010, which is to field as many PK-Metro Manila candidates in the 2010 NCR local elections as well as to endorse politicians/political parties and political platform of governance that supports the party platform of governance and our guiding principles and ideological basis
  • Party Membership. The group also decided to “clean up” the actual membership base of the Partido Kalikasan Metro Manila. Only those who have participated in the Dec 6 General Assembly (personally or those assigned official proxy), those who confirmed membership as per the original deadline of 30th November and those who explicitly communicated that they still want to continue being a member of the party as of December 6 will be considered members of the Party.
  • Party Leadership. To provide the leadership in the Party, we have elected the following officers and appointed the following working groups chairpersons for 2009:

Chairperson  : Vicky Segovia (
Vice Chairperson  : Rafael Barozo (
Secretary General & Spokesperson   : Jules Penales (
Treasurer  : Albert Banico (

Resource Mob Working Group   : (to be headed by Rafael Barozo)
Party Building Working Group  : (to be headed by Roy Cabonegro & Albert Banico)
Knowledge Management Working Group : (to be headed by Cynthia Estrada)
Party Orientation & Advocacy Working Group : (to be headed by Jules Penales w/ PKI)